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Maarif Elbasan

Maarif Elbasan

Maarif Elbasan

Address: Katund i Ri, Elbasan - Albania

Telephone: +355 42 234 567

Mobile: +355 67 70 47 260 



Information About the Maarif Elbasan

Maarif Elbasan Branch is the best proof that effort and dedication, in a reciprocal trust between students and teachers, are the sure path to success.

Started in the first year with High School we are proud to be extended this year with Basic Education including the integration of Cambridge System, after-school activities, as well as scitentific activities.

We aim for a balanced educational model, between the needs of children, passion of youths, the goals of parents for their education and the potentials they hide. Our academic staff, with several years of experience in education, supports students to become responsible, reflective, and engaged in life.

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